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#2215;  21 Nov 2018;  Crismale, Vitonofrio; Lu, Yun Gang;  23pp;
Vacuum distribution, norm and spectral properties for sums of monotone position operators, S. Vaes,

#2216;  16 Oct 2018;  Huo, Zhenghui; Wick, Brett D.;  33pp;
Compactness of operators on the Bergman space of the Thullen domain, A. Bottcher,

#2212;  09 Oct 2018;  Djikic, Marko S.; Radenkovic, Jovana Nikolov;  22pp;
Simultaneous extension of two bounded operators between Hilbert spaces, A. Bottcher,

#2207;  31 Aug 2018;  Molnar, Lajos;  18pp;
Spectral characterization of Jordan-Segal isomorphisms of quantum observables, A. Bottcher,

#2202;  23 Aug 2018;  Fletcher, James; an Huef, Astrid; Raeburn, Iain;  33pp;
A program for finding all KMS states on the Toeplitz algebra of a higher-rank graph, S. Vaes,

#2214;  04 Aug 2018;  Crytser, Danny; Nagy, Gabriel;  37pp;
Simplicity criteria for etale groupoid C*-algebras, S. Vaes,

#2201;  13 Jul 2018;  Laca, Marcelo; Warren, Jacqueline M.;  21pp;
Phase transitions on C*-algebras arising from number fields and the generalized Furstenberg conjecture, S. Vaes,

#2217;  12 Jun 2018;  Omland, Tron;  14pp;
Dynamical systems and operator algebras associated to Artin's representation of braid groups, S. Vaes,

#2204;  07 Jun 2018;  Maji, Amit; Mundayadan, Aneesh; Sarkar, Jaydeb; Sankar, T.R.;  23pp;
Characterization of invariant subspaces in the polydisc, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2191;  02 Jun 2018;  Xia, Runlian; Xiong, Xiao;  42pp;
Operator-valued local Hardy spaces, S. Vaes,

#2206;  28 May 2018;  Tao, Terence;  15pp;
Commutators close to the identity, S. Vaes,

#2218;  17 May 2018;  Kaftal, Victor; Ng, P.W.; Zhang, Shuang;  41pp;
Purely infinite corona algebras, S. Vaes,

#2193;  14 May 2018;  Boucif, Imene; Dehimi, Souheyb; Mortad, Mohammed Hichem;  22pp;
On the absolute value of unbounded operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2189;  10 May 2018;  Bessonov, Roman V.;  12pp;
Wiener-Hopf operators admit triangular factorization, A. Bottcher,

#2188;  19 Apr 2018;  Aiello, Valeriano; Conti, Roberto; Rossi, Stefano;  35pp;
Permutative representations of the 2-adic ring C*-algebra, S. Vaes,

#2196;  18 Apr 2018;  Betsakos, Dimitrios;  8pp;
Angular derivatives and compactness of composition operators on Hardy spaces, H. Bercovici,

#2220;  06 Apr 2018;  Chakraborty, Sayan; Luef, Franz;  28pp;
Metaplectic transformations and finite group actions on noncommutative tori, S. Vaes,

#2219;  08 Mar 2018;  Giorgetti, Luca; Yuan, Wei;  37pp;
Realization of rigid C*-tensor categories via Tomita bimodules, S. Vaes,

#2209;  07 Mar 2018;  Ionescu, Marius; Kumjian, Alex; Sims, Aidan; Williams, Dana P.;  26pp;
The Dixmier-Douady classes of certain groupoid C*-algebras with continuous trace, M. Dadarlat,

#2208;  07 Mar 2018;  Kaad, Jens; van Suijlekom, Walter D.;  31pp;
On a theorem of Kucerovsky for half-closed chains, M. Dadarlat,

#2213;  20 Feb 2018;  Mukherjee, Devarshi; Meyer, Ralf;  33pp;
C*-algebras for partial product systems oner $mathbb N$, M. Dadarlat,

#2195;  08 Feb 2018;  LaLonde, Scott M.;  35pp;
Some consequences of the stabilization theorem for Fell bundles over exact groupoids, M. Dadarlat,

#2186;  07 Feb 2018;  Seelmann, Albrecht;  13pp;
Semidefinite perturbations in the subspace perturbation problem, A. Bottcher,

#2211;  02 Feb 2018;  Abadie, Fernando; Ferraro, Damian;  47pp;
Equivalence of Fell bundles over groups, S. Vaes,

#2184;  19 Jan 2018;  Cortinas, Guillermo; Rodriguez, Maria Eugenia;  30pp;
$L^p$ operator algebras associated with oriented graphs, M. Dadarlat,

#2183;  22 Dec 2017;  Kurasov, Pavel; Luger, Annemarie; Neuner, Christoph;  30pp;
On supersingular perturbations of non-semibounded self-adjoint operators, A. Bottcher,

#2179;  22 Dec 2017;  Kloeckner, Benoit R.;  21pp;
Effective perturbation theory for simple isolated eigenvalues of linear operators, A. Bottcher,

#2182;  15 Dec 2017;  Larotonda, Gabriel;  18pp;
The case of equality in Young's inequality for the s-numbers in semi-finite von Neumann algebras, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2177;  13 Dec 2017;  Atkinson, Scott;  26pp;
Graph products of completely positive maps, M. Dadarlat,

#2200;  06 Dec 2017;  Zhou, Xiaoyan; Fang, Junsheng;  24pp;
A note on relative amenability of finite von Neumann algebras, S. Vaes,

#2221;  01 Dec 2017;  Loreaux, Jireh;  16pp;
Restricted diagonalization of finite spectrum normal operators and a theorem of Arveson, H. Bercovici,

#2210;  27 Nov 2017;  Kim, Jaewoong; Yoon, Jasang;  26pp;
Taylor spectra and common invariant subspaces through the Duggal generalized aluthge transforms for commuting n-tuples of operators, M. Dadarlat,

#2197;  02 Nov 2017;  Salomon, Guy;  20pp;
Hyperrigid subsets of Cuntz-Krieger algebras and the property of rigidity at zero, H. Bercovici,

#2203;  16 Sep 2017;  Chavan, Sameer; Pradhan, Deepak Kumar; Trivedi, Shailesh;  32pp;
Classification of Drury-Arveson-tiype Hilbert modules associated with certain derected graphs, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2205;  07 Sep 2017;  Kerchy, Laszlo;  19pp;
Quasianalytic n-tuples of Hilbert space operators, H. Bercovici,