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Journal of Operator Theory

Volume 37, Issue 1, Winter 1997  pp. 195-197.

Spectral Theory of Indefinite Krein-Feller Differential Operators

Authors: Aurelian Gheondea
Author institution:Institutul de Matematică, C.P. 1-764, 70700 Bucureşti, ROMÂNIA

Summary: Spectral Theory of Indefinite Krein-Feller Differential Operators, Andreas Fleige, Mathematical Research, vol. 98, Akademie Verlag, Berlin 1996, 133 pages, ISBN 3-05-501742-0.

Keywords: Sturm-Liouville operators, spectral theory, selfadjoint definitizable operators, spaces with indefinite inner products, Krein-Feller differential operator, Riesz bases.

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