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#2408;  02 Mar 2023;  Popescu, Gelu;  29pp;
Noncommutative domains, universal operator models, and operator algebras. II, A. Aleman,

#2404;  02 Jan 2023;  Berg, Christian; Szwarc, Ryszard;  29pp;
Indeterminate Jacobi operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2405;  22 Dec 2022;  Bercovici, Hari; Belinschi, Serban;  7pp;
Upgrading subordination properties in free probability, A. Aleman,

#2407;  17 Nov 2022;  Popescu, Gelu;  38pp;
Noncommutative domains, universal operator models, and operator algebras, A. Aleman,

#2400;  04 Nov 2022;  Neagu, Robert;  9pp;
A note on when amenable traces are quasidiagonal, S. Vaes,

#2406;  02 Nov 2022;  Boschheidgen, Jan;  15pp;
On limit eigenvalue distributions associated to residual chains of groups, Adrian Ioana,

#2394;  26 Oct 2022;  Bruce, Chris; Takeishi, Takuya;  43pp;
C*-dynamical invariants and Toeplitz algebras of graphs, S. Vaes,

#2399;  12 Sep 2022;  Qiao, Yu; So, Bing Kwan;  20pp;
Renormalized index formulas for elliptic differential operators on boundary groupoids, V. Nistor,

#2402;  18 Aug 2022;  Stoneham, Alan;  15pp;
Constructing well bounded operators not of type (B) on a class of inductive limits, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2386;  30 Jul 2022;  Sarkar, Srijan;  29pp;
Pairs of commuting pure contractions and isometric dilation, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2398;  21 Jul 2022;  Brooker, Samantha; Spielberg, Jack;  15pp;
Relative graphs and pullbacks of relative Toeplitz graph algebras, Adrian Ioana,

#2401;  12 Jul 2022;  Picard, Rainer; Trostorff, Sascha;  22pp;
M-accretive realisations of skew symmetric operators, V. Nistor,

#2390;  21 Jun 2022;  Batty, Charles J.K.; Seifert, David;  18pp;
A Katznelson-Tzafriri theorem for analytic Besov functions of operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2387;  15 Jun 2022;  Agler, Jim; McCarthy, John E.;  24pp;
The Hardy-Weyl algebra, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2403;  10 Jun 2022;  Aguilera, Alejandra; Seco, Daniel;  17pp;
Convergence and preservation of cyclicity, A. Aleman,

#2380;  05 Jun 2022;  De Commer, Kenny; Talla, Joel Right Dzokou;  21pp;
Quantum SL(2,R) and its irreducible representations, S. Vaes,

#2384;  27 May 2022;  Friedman, Greg; Park, Efton;  22pp;
Chern classes and unitary equivalence of normal matrices over topological spaces, Adrian Ioana,

#2372;  27 Apr 2022;  Barik, Sibaprasad; Bhattacharjee, Monojit; Das, Bata Krishna;  21pp;
Commutant-lifting in the Schur-Agler class, A. Aleman,

#2371;  22 Apr 2022;  Lv, Xiaofen; Pau, Jordi;  21pp;
Embedding from Bergman spaces into tent spaces, A. Aleman,

#2370;  19 Apr 2022;  De, Sandipan; Sarkar, Jaydeb; Shankar, P.; Sankar, T.R.;  28pp;
Pairs of projections and commuting isometries, A. Aleman,

#2389;  13 Apr 2022;  White, Jared;  21pp;
The ideal structure of measure algebras and asymptotic properties of group representations, S. Vaes,

#2381;  08 Apr 2022;  van Wyk, Daniel W.; Williams, Dana P.;  22pp;
Properties preserved by groupoid equivalence, S. Vaes,

#2385;  16 Mar 2022;  Belmonte, Fabian; Bustos, Harold; Cuellar, Sebastian;  28pp;
Smooth fields of operators, a smooth reduction theorem, and a derivation formula for constants of motion of the free Hamiltonian, V. Nistor,

#2378;  04 Mar 2022;  Hou, Yingli; Ji, Kui; Ji, Shanshan; Xu, Jing;  35pp;
Geometry of holomorphic verctor bundles and similarity of commuting tuples of operators, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2379;  22 Feb 2022;  Moutzouris, Iason;  31pp;
Extensions of quasidiagonal $C^*$-algebras and controlling the $K_0$-map of embeddings, ,

#2396;  07 Feb 2022;  Marcoux, Laurent W.; Radjavi, Heydar; Zhang, Yuanhang;  25pp;
Around the closures of the set of commutators and the set of differences of idempotent elements of $mathcal{B}(mathcal{H})$, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2395;  28 Jan 2022;  Szucs, Zsolt; Takacs, Balazs;  41pp;
Finite dimensional irreducible representations and the uniqueness of the Lebesgue decomposition of positive functionals, Adrian Ioana,

#2382;  27 Jan 2022;  Flores, Felipe; Jaure, Diego; Mantoiu, Marius;  28pp;
Symmetry for algebras associated to Fell bundles over groups and groupoids, V. Nistor,

#2393;  21 Jan 2022;  Ghosh, Somnath; Srivastava, Rajesh K.;  18pp;
Unbounded Weyl transform on the Euclidean motion group and Heisenberg motion group, A. Aleman,

#2397;  20 Jan 2022;  Jury, Michael; Martin, Robert T.W.; Timko, Edward;  32pp;
A noncommutative F&M Riesz thorem, A. Aleman,

#2388;  17 Jan 2022;  Takeishi, Takuya;  24pp;
Limits of KMS states on Toeplitz algebras of finite graphs, S. Vaes,

#2374;  10 Jan 2022;  Brix, Kevin Aguyar;  17pp;
Sturmian subshifts and their C*-algebras, S. Vaes,

#2383;  08 Jan 2022;  Gamal', Maria F.;  31pp;
On isometric asymptotes of operators quasisimilar to isometries, A. Aleman,

#2391;  03 Jan 2022;  Ho, Ching-Wei;  37pp;
The Brown measure of unbounded variables with free semicircular imaginary part, V. Nistor,

#2369;  28 Dec 2021;  Bohlen, Karsten;  22pp;
The Fredholm index for operators of tensor product type, V. Nistor,

#2367;  27 Dec 2021;  Xia, Jingbo;  22pp;
Integral operators associated with the generalized Fuglede property, A. Aleman,

#2350;  20 Dec 2021;  Dasgupta, Aparajita; Nayak, Santosh Kumar; Wong, Man Wah;  18pp;
Localization operators on the unit disk, V. Nistor,

#2373;  10 Dec 2021;  Berger, Martin; Netzer, Tim;  16pp;
Abstract operator systems over the cone of positive semidefinite matrices, S. Vaes,

#2351;  02 Dec 2021;  Kawamura, Kazuhiro;  34pp;
General and connected stable ranks of some Banach algebras of continuous functions, V. Nistor,

#2376;  29 Nov 2021;  an Huef, Astrid; Ng, Abraham; Sims, Aidan;  36pp;
Stably finite extensions of rank-two graph C*-algebras, S. Vaes,

#2392;  26 Nov 2021;  Curto, Raul E.; Ghasemi, Mehdi; Infusino, Maria; Kuhlmann, Salma;  49pp;
The truncated moment pronblem for unital commutative R-algebras, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2364;  15 Nov 2021;  Clouatre, Raphael; Ostermann, Maeva; Ransford, Thomas;  12pp;
An abstract approach to the Crouzeix conjecture, A. Aleman,

#2354;  05 Nov 2021;  Trivedi, Shailesh;  17pp;
Bounded point evaluation for operators with the wandering subspace property, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2365;  03 Nov 2021;  Bonet, Jose; Jornet, David; Santacreu Ferra, Daniel; Sevilla-Peris, Pablo;  20pp;
Compact weighted composition operators on spaces of holomorphic functions on Banach spaces, A. Aleman,

#2377;  12 Oct 2021;  Popescu, Gelu;  56pp;
Noncommutative varieties, universal operator models, and operator algebras, F-H. Vasilescu,

#2375;  28 Sep 2021;  Dykema, Ken; Krishnaswamy-Usha, Amudhan;  19pp;
Some nonspectral DT-operators in finite von Neumann algebras, S. Vaes,

#2368;  24 Sep 2021;  Araiza, Roy; Russell, Travis;  34pp;
An abstract characterization for projections in operator systems, S. Vaes,

#2346;  05 Sep 2021;  Bello, Glenier; Yakubovich, Dmitry;  14pp;
On operator model in the annulus, A. Aleman,

#2344;  04 Sep 2021;  Christensen, Erik;  17pp;
Minimal Stinespring representations of operator valued multilinear maps, S. Vaes,

#2363;  23 Aug 2021;  Xu, Bang;  20pp;
Noncommutative differential transforms for averaging operators, S. Vaes,

#2361;  23 Aug 2021;  Hall, Lucas; Huang, Leonard; Quigg, John;  18pp;
The modular Stone-von Neumann theorem, S. Vaes,

#2341;  22 Aug 2021;  Andreou, Dimitrios;  55pp;
Crossed products of dual operator spaces and a characterization of groups with the approximation property, S. Vaes,

#2339;  22 Aug 2021;  Nayak, Soumyashant;  39pp;
A framework for rank identities - With a view towards operator algebras, S. Vaes,

#2348;  20 Aug 2021;  Klisse, Mario;  38pp;
Topological boundaries of connected graphs and Coxeter groups, S. Vaes,

#2357;  28 Jul 2021;  Nikitopoulos, Evangelos;  66pp;
Multiple operator integrals in non-separable von Neumann algebras, S. Vaes,

#2358;  27 Jul 2021;  Kranz, Julian;  12pp;
The weak containment problem for etale groupoids which are strongly amenable at infinity, S. Vaes,

#2338;  11 Jun 2021;  Kaad, Jens; Skeide, Michael;  6pp;
Kernels of Hilbert module maps: a counterexample, S. Vaes,

#2337;  14 Apr 2021;  Levitina, Galina; Usachev, Alexandr;  33pp;
Pietsch correspondence for symmetric functionals on Calkin operator spaces associated with semifinite von Neumann algebras, S. Vaes,

#2409;  01 Jan 1999;  24pp;
, Adrian Ioana,