Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Operator Theory
Timisoara (Romania) June 23-26, 1998

Operator Theoretical Methods
A. Gheondea, R.N. Gologan, D. Timotin (Editors)
xviii+416 pages,
The Theta Foundation, Bucharest 2000
ISBN 973-99097-2-8

List of participants

J. Agler and J.E. McCarthy: Nevanlinna-Pick Kernels and Localization
C.-G. Ambrozie: A Note on Moment Problems
Z.D. Arova: On $J$-Unitary Nodes with Strongly Regular $J$-Inner Characteristic Functions in the Hardy Class $H_2^{n\times n}$
E. Blanchard: On Finiteness of the Number of $N$-Dimensional Hopf $C^*$-Algebrasy
L.Burlando: On the Weighted Reduced Minimum Modulus
L.P. Castro and F.-O. Speck: An Operator Approach to a Boundary Value Problem for the Helmholtz Equation
I. Cialenco: On the Nonselfadjoint Perturbations of the Wiener-Hopf Integral Operators
P.A. Cojuhari: Estimates of the Number of Perturbed Eigenvalues
P.A. Cojuhari and S. Corsac: Absence of the Singular Continuous Spectrum for Some Perturbed Wiener-Hopf Integral Operators
T. Constantinescu, A.H. Sayed, and T. Kailath: Structured Extensions of Matrices
V.~Deaconu: Continous Graphs and $C^*$-Algebras
D. Guido and T. Isola: Singular Traces, Dimensions, and Novikov-Shubin Invariants
H.~Helson and J.I.~Tanaka: Singular Cocycles and the Generator Problem
H. Helson and J.I. Tanaka: Singular Cocycles and the Generator Problem
J. Janas and S. Naboko : On Subordination Properties of One-Dimensional Discrete Schr\"odinger Operator
P.C. Kunstmann: Kernel Estimates and $L^p$ Spectral Independence of Differential and Integral Operators
J.-Ph. Labrousse: Geodesics in the Space of Linear Relations on a Hilbert Space
S. Litvinov: On Besicovitch Weighted Ergodic Theorem in von Neumann Algebras
Z. Liu: On Adjoints of Operators on $L^1$
V.M. Manuilov: Almost Commutativity Implies Asympotic Commutativity
C.-K. Ng: Amenability of Hopf $C^*$-Algebras
C. Peligrad and L. Zsid\'o: Open Projections of $C^*$-Algebras: Comparison and Regularity
D. Poguntke: Banach Algebras Associated to Laplace Operators on the Heisenberg Group and on the Affine Group of the Real Line
C. Pop: Bimodules norm\'es repr\'esentables sur des espaces hilbertiens
J. Renault: Cuntz-Like Algebras
E.A. Suciu: Elementary Replacements and ${\rm Ext}^2$ Groups for Hilbert Modules Over a Function Algebra
F.-H. Vasilescu: Operator Theoretic Characterizations of Moment Functions