Proceedings of the 16th International Conference
on Operator Theory, Timisoara (Romania), July 2-10, 1996
Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Related Topics
16th International Conference on Operator Theory, Timisoara (Romania), July 2-10, 1996;
A. Gheondea, R.N. Gologan, D. Timotin (Editors),
xv+220 pages,
The Theta Foundation, Bucharest 1997,
ISBN 973-0-00521-4.

The volume is a careful selection of participants contributions to the 16th International Conference on Opertor Theory, held in Timisoara (Romania) in July 1996. It covers a large variety of topics, such as single operator theory, C*-algebras, spectral theory, special classes of concrete operators, and holomorphic functions.


List of particpants

C.-G. Ambrozie, F.-H. Vasilescu: Semi-Fredholm pairs
C. Ananthamaran-Delaroche: C*-Algebres de Cuntz-Krieger et groupes fucsiens
T.Ya. Azizov, N.D. Kopachevsky, L.I. Sukhocheva: On eigenvalues pencils with parameter
F.P. Boca: A note on full free product C*-algebras, lifting and quasidiagonality
M. Cabrera, A. Moreno, A. Rodriguez: Normal versions for the Zelmanov prime theorem: positive results and limits
P.A. Cojuhari: Generalized Hardy inequalities and some applications to spectral theory
R. Conti: Amenability and infinite tensor products
V. A. Derkach, M.M. Malamud: On some classes of holomorphic operator functions
P. Gavruta, N. Suciu: On subnormal pairs
M. Gonzalez: An example of a bounded local resolvent
S. Hassi, M. Kaltenback and H. de Snoo: Selfadjoint extensions of the orthogonal sum of symmetric relations
M. Moller: Holomorphic dependence of eigenvalues of operators in Banach spaces
Z.-J. Ruan, G.-W. Xu: Splitting properties of operator bimodules and operator amenbility of Kac algebras
M. Sabac: Analytic and polynomial commutativity