The Theta Foundation

Mission: Theta is a scientific and not-for-profit organisation, promoting mathematical knowledge.

Aims: The Theta Foundation endeavours to:

    - disseminate mathematical knowledge in Romania and worldwide;
    - support mathematical research and teaching;
    - provide communication between mathematicians as well as exchange of mathematical publications.

Means of actions  to reach the goals and fulfill its mission:

    - to publish and distribute books and journals, as well as support these activities in Romania and worldwide;
    - to establish relations with companies or organisations involved in production, publishing and distribution of scientific publications;
    - to organise talks, conferences and workshops;
    - to award fellowships and prizes for mathematical research and teaching. 

Address: The Theta Foundation is based in Bucharest, 21 Grivitei Road, III-rd floor, room 315

Telephone: 021 - 3196485

Fax: 021 - 3196511

P.O. Box: 1-764, Bucharest, 70700

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