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The 25th International Conference on Operator Theory

The Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy and the University of the West in Timisoara will organize the 25th International Conference on Operator Theory in Timisoara between June 30 and July 5, 2014. More details

Tiberiu Constantinescu Memorial Volume

The volume is a careful selection of papers in operator theory, structured matrices, and dilations, dedicated to Tiberiu Constantinescu, a prominent mathematician in the field.
Of particular interest is the survey of J.W. Helton and M. Putinar on positive polynomials, spectral theorem, and optimization: a pioneering essay that brings together under the unifying concept of positivity ideas from different areas of mathematics. The other research papers deal with recent advances in single or multivariable operator theory, interpolation and moment problems, perturbation theory, composition operators, matrix completion problems, and system theory.

The volume is distributed by the American Mathematical Society. Further details about the Theta Series in Advanced Mathematics can be found at the AMS Bookstore.

The Romanian National Consortium for MathSciNet 

The Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications are available for Romanian sites under The Romanian National Consortium. Affiliations of Universities, Research Institutions and Libraries from Romania can be done for the year 2010; a general presentation of this arrangement is available from the American Mathematical Society . If your institution wants to affiliate to the Romanian National Consortium, send an email to theta [at] theta [dot] ro

Translations in Romanian of fundamental textbooks of mathematics 

The Theta Foundation started a series of translations of celebrated books of mathematics, thus providing top quality textbooks at affordable prices to students, mathematicians and engineers. The following titles are issued: 


International Books Series of Mathematical Texts

The Theta Foundation has joined with AMS to distribute titles in the International Book Series of Mathematical Texts. Volumes will be published by the Theta Foundation and distributed worldwide, except in Romania, by the AMS.

More information and ordering: